Battered Bacon on a Stick

The Cornhog is the newest addition to our lineup and our biggest seller. We take a Quarter pound of premium bacon, fry it to perfection, cover it in a seasoned cornmeal batter and add our secret glaze.


Pancake bacon on a stick

The Pancake is more than breakfast on a stick, it’s maple glazed perfection. We take a quarter pound of bacon, wrap it lovingly on a stick and serve up the morning treat that fits perfectly into every hour of the day.


Bacon on a Stick with Chocolate

This surprising treat is actually one of the greatest combinations discovered by humankind. We take our savory bacon and lather it with an undeniably tasty dark chocolate that is guaranteed to please the taste buds of every chocolate loving citizen on earth.

The Original

bacon on a stick

This delectable treat is the base of every bacon product we sell. The Original Bacon on a Stick is the very treat that elevated bacon to a new level when we started Bacon on a Stick in 2013. This basic treat is the simplistic and savory meal that is so good it has knocked the earth off its axis a time or two. Be careful.


Bacon Cheesy Fries

Our fries are served with the perfect hint of bacon, and no other fry is going to beat what we have for you. It’s science!

Cheesecake on a Stick

Bacon Cheesy Fries

We take the highest quality cheesecake ingredients we can get our hands on, dip it in chocolate and serve you up a delectable treat. (PS…. We do it with bacon too)



Be sure to get or home-style lemonade that is sure to satisfy your deepest desires. If you are feeling adventurous, and I suggest you do, add one of our premium fruit and flavor combinations. Try the peach one… it’s the house favorite. Again, it’s science!



It’s water… you can’t go wrong with water. But buy the lemonade, not the water. Lemonade is better for you because it has sugar. Sugar is good, not bad. (Jedi hand wave) Buy the cheesecake while you are at it…